Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

Once again....we seemed to turn a holiday into a 3 day event which ended in exhaustion. We had a lot of fun but one day I will learn to SIMPLIFY. It started Friday night when mom TRIED to hold a FHE on what Easter is all about. Not sure how much they grasped or understood, but I tried and that's all that counts at this age. After we colored eggs which I think mom enjoyed as much as the kids. They each got their own coloring kit...Sadie's was Avengers and Carlie's was Princesses...of course. We had a lot of fun coloring and decorating our eggs.

Saturday was our annual family picnic and egg hunt. This year the weather was beautiful! After eating a ton of food the egg hunt was on. Sadie and Carlie are the youngest and make quite the haul of candy and even money. They had a blast! Good thing the Easter bunny doesn't bring too much candy because these kids were overloaded!

 The Easter bunny came! Sunday morning the girls woke up even earlier than on Christmas! 6:00 am! I was not ready for that but they were too excited to be put back to bed. They got new coloring books, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and outfits for their Barbie's...and a bit of candy. Aubrie got a toy and some snacks...she was thrilled.

 What would Easter be without Easter dresses! They got theirs a little early this year to wear for cousin Whitney's wedding. So cute in pink!


Thursday, February 28, 2013


About 2 weeks ago Sadie woke up and wasn't feeling great. I noticed that she was going to the bathroom frequently so I wondered if she had a UTI. I took her into the doctor and apparently she had strep! I can't tell you how many times I've taken them to the doctor with a sore throat and fever and they never have strep. This time I take her with no sore throat, no fever and her culture comes back positive for strep...go figure? Anyway, they put her on Amoxicillin and as you can see below...she is allergic! This didn't show up until the 8th day of being on it. This was the first time Sadie had been on an antibiotic so we had no idea. She looked pretty silly with all her spots....daddy called her polka dot girl.
 These were taken after she had been on Benedryl for a day....they were actually much worse than this initially

Valentine's Day

 Valentine's was so much fun this year! For some reason I just love this holiday. I know you should show love to everyone all the time, but it's nice to have a special occasion to do something extra. We started the day off with the girls making Valentine's for their friends and then we delivered them. It was so fun watching how excited they got running up to the doors and giving stuff to their friends. Sadie didn't want the Valentine's I bought her to do, she wanted to make her own so they were extra special. After that we ran to the mall to get Dad his Valentine treat....chocolate covered strawberries! Then we headed to Grandma B's work to give her a Valentine and go to lunch! That has become a fun tradition. We rushed home for naps and I got busy setting the table for our extra fancy dinner....heart shaped Papa Murphy's pizza! The girls thought it was fun to eat by candlelight. 
 My cute little Valentine's

 The girls got Barbie's from mom and dad for Valentine's
 Not so  pretty hair after nap time.
Aubrie got some little Disney board books that she immediately ate, so we put those up for later.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Aubrie's Room

This might be kind of silly...but when Aubrie was born I redid the nursery and I never got pictures. I want her to see what her room looked like when she was a better late than never.
 OH MY GOSH! I have no words for how cute she is!
 Hangin out in her crib!

 Mike got these in Disneyworld when he traveled to Florida for work...they matched her bedding perfectly!

Christmas Day

Sadly I did not get any pictures of the excitement of the girls...only video. So the only Christmas morning pictures I have are these....before he chaos! Sadie asked for an Iron Man and Thor from Santa and Carlie wanted a princess castle and Merida with her horse...from the movie Brave. They both got what they asked for and then some...Santa was pretty nice this year. It was a fun day...despite Mike being sick. :(

Christmas Jammies

Once we got home from Grandma's house there were two more presents waiting under the tree! Christmas Jammies! I think everyone has this tradition!

Before bed we listened to one of the stories on CD that Grandma gave them. These have been a HUGE hit at our house. Someone is always singing or listening to music. My girls love to perform!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at Grandma's! What a fun tradition. We had a lot of yummy food. Jessica read us a Christmas story about President Monson when he was little and my girls sang a Christmas song. We went around and each talked about our favorite Christmas's which was really fun to walk down memory lane. Then it was time to open presents. It was a really fun, memorable night.
 Youngest to oldest so Aubrie was first!
 She got 2 adorable outfits and a fun toy!
 Carlie you're next!
 She got a fun pink CD player and a couple of Read Along story books
 Sadie's turn
 She got a red CD player and a couple of Read Along storybooks as well
 Clayson and Whitney....they were engaged just a few days before Christmas. I didn't get a picture of Chase, but he got his mission call the week before Christmas. He is going to Colorado Springs, Colorado! Lots of fun happening over at the Wilson home!
 Jen and Jared got their kids an early present...a dog! His name is Dexter. If anyone knows my family...or even knows Jen, you'll know that this was a very surprising event. HAHA!
 Grandma's turn....she got some perfume...
And a cozy new outfit to wear...and lots of help opening her presents.

Gingerbread Houses

For FHE one night before Christmas we made Gingerbread Houses together. It was a lot of fun despite the frustration of all the candy falling off! I think both girls consumed enough candy to equal their body weight....but that's what it's all about right?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Aubrie's 6 Month Stats

I couldn't resist putting this picture is such a funny face! I had her all decked out for the Christmas season. Her well check went really good...Dr said she was the picture of health! Yay! We tried cereal last Sunday and she was not a fan so we will keep trying. I don't think she is starving though. So blessed to have a healthy baby!
Weight - 19.38 lbs (90%)
Length - 27.25 in (86%)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The 5 Months!

Here are all my little cuties at 5 months. You can tell that Mike took Sadie's picture (because it is perfect) and I took the other two....not the best. They all look very similar, but all have their own little look. It looks like Aubrie is going to have darker eyes, maybe even green. I just wish I could freeze all three of them at this cute! My computer uploaded them in a different order than I wanted but you get the idea...I tried to do oldest to youngest buy my computer had other ideas and I don't have time to mess around with it. :) Aaaah...I just want to nibble on all of them!
 Carlie...she wins chubbiest cheeks!
 Aubrie....she wins most hair!
Sadie....she wins most photogenic :)